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Mississippi River Museum

Journey Through Time

Loaded with authentic artifacts and exhibits, the Mississippi River Museum is an extensive, interactive showcase of history, nature and culture. For a small fee, you can follow the trail of Spanish Conquistadors, experience the Great Flood of 1927 and enter the daily lives of the Delta’s native inhabitants. Four fresh-water aquariums allow visitors to peek beneath the river’s mysterious surface to see live turtles, gars and fish. Adults and kids alike can enjoy the unique adventure of the simulated diving bell. For ticket information, call 866.51RIVER (866.517.4837).

Refer to the map (click for a larger version) and legend below.

Museum Exhibits - 1st Floor

  1. Orientation Theater (AV). An eight-minute film tells the story of the Mississippi River.
  2. Map Room (AV). A giant, animated map illustrates the geology and history of the Mississippi. Historic maps line the walls.
  3. Aquariums. Four huge marine exhibits feature lowland and aquatic life. Also see the display of 60-million-year-old fish fossils.
  4. Wetlands. Examples of indigenous wildlife are displayed in a dramatic diorama with sculptural cypress trees that extend to the second level.
  5. Wildlife Spotting Photography Blind. Spot illustrations of wildlife from a photographer’s viewpoint.
  6. Indian Mound Builder Interactive. Crawl through an Indian Mound to view ancient artifacts.
  7. De Soto and the Conquistadors. The Spanish incursion had a catastrophic impact on the indigenous population, and was disastrous for the invaders as well. See a full-size figure of “The Tired Conquistador.”
  8. Colonial Settlements and the Louisiana Purchase. Outposts of the westward frontier depended heavily on the Mississippi and its tributaries. See a full-scale model of the Arkansas Outpost and relics from the time.

Museum Exhibits - 2nd Floor 

  1. From Plantation to Prosperity. Explore the oldest independent all-black community in the Delta.
  2. Diving Bell Simulator (AV). James Eads takes you on a simulated trip to the river bottom in his diving bell.
  3. Delta Dirt. Core samples compare deep Delta soil, one of the Delta’s most valuable resources, to the less fertile soil from other locations.
  4. Civil War. A full-scale section of an ironclad gunboat provides a backdrop for artifacts from the wreck of the U.S.S. Cairo.
  5. Cotton is King. View exhibits on the commodity that built the South.
  6. Blues Culture Video. Experience the music and legends of the Delta.
  7. The Mississippi River Commission. The Commission works with the Corps of Engineers and local levee boards to control the Mississippi River floods.
  8. 1927 Flood (AV). Original film footage and personal accounts tell the story of the Delta and its devastating floods. See a full-scale tenant house that illustrates the ravages of the 1927 flood.
  9. Corps of Engineers. See a model of our stretch of the Mississippi and different revetment designs.
  10. Mississippi River Flood of 2011. Coming soon.
  11. Traveling Exhibit. See a new exhibit every six months in this gallery. 

 Observation Deck - 3rd Floor

The Tunica RiverPark also offers:

  • ADA accessibility.
  • Wheelchair accessibility from all entrances to the museum, in addition to elevators. Availability is limited and will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Museum capacity is a maximum of 600 guests.
  • The Mississippi River Museum at the Tunica RiverPark offers three levels of exhibits with a maximum of 32 steps between levels. An elevator is available as well.




One RiverPark Drive, P.O. Box 99, Tunica Resorts, MS 38664